1600 Slitter rewinder
with pre-cut

  • Reel holder with expanding shaft, useful reel diam. 800 mm, width 1600 mm;
  • Unwinding electronically braked with load cells;
  • Automatic Centering;
  • Calender unwinding with AC motor with inverter;
  • Pre-cutting device;
  • N°5 circular knives.

SLT-10 Slitter rewinder

  • Towing’s speed control with controlled ramp;
  • Tension’s control of primary coil;
  • Centering’s control film;
  • Winding’s speed control with controlled ramp;
  • Adjust tensioning film winding;
  • Metric control of measurements in progress;
  • Automatic sequences start and stop.

Duplex TG-16 slitter rewinder

  • Unwinding controlled by motor with inverter, automatic centering, laser coil positioning;
  • Towing calander driven by motor with inverter;
  • Adjustable curved rubber roller;
  • N°5 knife cuts with laser for pointing core coil;
  • Double expansion rewinders with independent motors controlled by inverters;
  • Levers with tailstock with pneumatic control for manual unloading coils; - The material of the shot on each motor is controlled by the load cells;
  • Industrial PC.