V-Folder rewinder

  • MPRB V-folder rewinder with electronically controlled film shooting;
  • Mechanical speed 300 m/min;
  • Machine management through an industrial PC with the possibility to save production recipes.

Food roll making device without core

  • Continuous winder roll for vacuum soulless starting from welded tubular coextruded + embossed;
  • Width 600 mm in 2 tracks of 300 mm;
  • Automatic labeling machine for roll closure.

Unwinding rewinder

  • Simple unwinder rewinder from reel diam. 800 mm to roll on cardboard diam. max 200 mm;
  • Winding speed 250 m/min;
  • Motor with inverter;
  • Manual carton loading with pneumatic clamping;
  • Unwinding with pneumatic disc brake;
  • Winding with electromagnetic clutch.

The technological solution used is an integrated micro-PLC touch screen and allows to:

  • Check the controlled ramp winding-unwinding speed;
  • Metric control of partial and total measures in progress;
  • Automatic start and stop sequences;
  • Safety control.